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Accordingto “Highlands Today reporter Aiyana Baida Florida is number three on the listof states with the most human trafficking.”


"Floridais ground zero. It's one of the points of entry," Twila Smith, FederalBureau of Investigation official, said.


Moreimportant, Human Trafficking is the no. 2 illegal business in the world, secondonly to drug trafficking. 1.2 Million people globally become victims of humantrafficking every year, according to estimates provided by the United Nationschildren's fund (UNICEF). Most of the victims are women and children used forcheap labor and sexual services by organized multinational criminal groups,according to a European commission report


L.B.E.  Propose as in innovative approach weprovide workshops in the community. As well, as encourage and establish Neighborhood and School Task Forceson: How to Identify and Prevent being a Victims of: Human Trafficking. As anadditional resourceful approach we will also perform dramas of HumanTrafficking Prevention with participants of the workshops and invite thecommunity.


Asalways we welcome any possibly formulated action steps to better service theDavie County Neighbors.





Pastor/Chaplain/Service Provider Frances Cobian

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