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Vegan: What is it? What does it mean to be a vegan? Upholding the philosophy of a vegan lifestyle involves making some critical changes in what you eat and what you buy. Vegans believe that using animals as a source for livestock, or as a means to test new products, is cruel and inhumane. Therefore, instead of eating a vegetarian diet, which includes the consumption of dairy and egg products, vegans make the choice to go completely animal-free. How dedicated you are to the cause of veganism will depend on how far you go to eliminate animals from your lifestyle. Some vegans avoid using any leather products, eating honey or buying cosmetics that have been tested on animals. There are a slew of beneficial reasons why a vegan lifestyle could be good for your overall well-being. Vegan nutrition is one reason to consider this type of lifestyle because the focus on eating all natural foods can reduce your risk of developing heart disease, high cholesterol, certain cancers and high blood pressure. Veganism is also a great way to combat the rise in obesity among adults and children in today’s society. But the main reason many people choose to adopt a vegan lifestyle is for the treatment of animals. Many people wonder what a vegan actually is and if a vegan is the same as a vegetarian. While some of the fundamental principles are the same, veganism is somewhat different from vegetarianism. A vegan is a person that does not use or eat (or drink) any animal products in any capacity. There are a number of reasons people become vegans, including ethical stances and health benefits. The term “vegan” actually came about as a result of some vegetarians becoming frustrated with the fact that a lot of vegetarians were consuming dairy products, such as cheese or milk. This led to an offshoot group of people that were determined to cut out the use of animal products in all ways that are practical and possible. Vegans are sometimes referred to as “hardline vegetarians” and are often considered a bit extreme in their views, although they are quickly gaining some serious numbers. Health Benefits You may be wondering what the health benefits of veganism are and how they measure up against the benefits of other dietary plans. Many people believe that a plant-based diet, centered around fruits, vegetables and grains, is healthier than a standard diet consisting of meat products, dairy products and an assortment of other foods including fruits and vegetables. Of course, there are also many studies that suggest that moderation is of importance when partaking in any diet. It's easy to get confused with so much advice floating around and so many opinions. There are a number of studies that state that vegan diets have a lower cholesterol count than standard diets. Vegan diets also have lower amounts of saturated fats and have higher levels of fiber. This, of course, is entirely dependent on the level of veganism that a person decides to be. If people are still eating saturated fats in other forms besides animal forms, it is likely that a vegan diet will not be all that beneficial for their health. It is easy to get caught up in the blanket statements made by vegans in terms of health benefits. It seems that each day is met with new studies from new sources

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