Intervention, Prevention and Awareness




       "Leading Beyond Expectation" (L.B.E) Inc., dedicated to presenting innovative Drama's with the concentration of promoting strategic directions and examples on how to prevent being a victim or heal from Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence and Prescription Drug Abuse.   L.B.E. through the Drama's victoriously addresses the global needs of Children in Foster Care and parents who have been incarcerated.  


As an innovative approach Leading Beyond Expectation Outreach Inc., Produces and Directs dramas regarding combat the epidemic of Human Trafficking which is the no. 2 illegal business in the world, second only to drug trafficking ruffly 2 Million people globally become victims of Human Trafficking every year, according to estimates provided by the United Nations Children's fund (UNICEF). According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children who are likely sex traffic victims 60% are from the foster care system or group homes.  The movie "TRICKED" documented the fact many cases and not enough law enforcement or follow-up on cases of children being sexually traffic, abused and neglected.  Most research focus on children international sex trafficking and too little attention on children in America (Fong & Berger 2008).  

Most of the victims are women and children used for cheap labor and sexual services by organized multinational criminal groups, according to a European commission report.

Lastly, we provide career counseling and talent identification workshops for youth, young adults, former convicts and victims of crimes who have no direction or sense of prioritizing their career goals, plans and options.

The Objectives of L.B.E. career counseling:

Discover gifts, talents, interests, career options and scholarships available to youths and young adults.

Identify three career goals/options and opportunities to further education.

Establish a strategic educational plan of action to pursue a significant obtainable

purpose in life.

More important, we promote businesses which give back to the community.

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CEO, Service Provider Frances Cobian