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Posted by houseofgodspower on March 11, 2016 at 9:20 PM

The following proposed proposal "Leading Beyond Expectations" project profitably address the global needs in preventing students from dropping out of high school and saves our economy billions of dollars.

It is my hope that the  EVERY READER TO THIS WEB SITE WILL DONATE FUNDS AND will consider Leading Beyond Expectation project, in designing a custom Blue Print (Road map) to support the development of this new innovative project, which will address educational and social struggles African American and Latino male youth in high school face each day and how to combat this epidemic.

As well as provide intervention practical and entertainment tools for effective teaching and training in each school identified with high drop out rate. VISION The vision of Leading Beyond Expectation (L.B.E.) project is to advance African American and Latino male youth in high school, prepare for college and obtainable employment.

Publish a plain language packet, which will include: signs of potential drop out, resources available and LB.E.'s Blue Print Model.

DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT Provide a comprehensive mix of year-round services (counseling, career assessment, extra curriculum activities, plays and documentaries) for youth at risk or identified as a student contemplating not completing high school or seeking higher education.

MISSION Identify African American and Latino youth males who have demonstrated in action, words or performance the warning signs of becoming a dropout student. Design Blue Print for Life documenting in writing everything he wants in his life, career options, application process, deadlines and how to accomplish each goals step by step. Produce and create plays and documentaries with students, teachers and parents to address educational struggles, needs and solutions in ways that best suit and capture each student attention for life.

BROAD OBJECTIVE Create a joint effort of students, teachers and districts that values the excitement of the learning process, the importance of risk-taking and the necessity for responsible decisions and leadership. Create a lifetime opportunity of personal exploration and experiential learning. Foster love for teaching in a diverse group of high school students Build a network with leading African American and Latino Male Figures. Provide teachers and students with support as they invent, explore and experiment in the classroom.

PROBLEM STATEMENT Drop out rates with African American and Latino Male Youth continue to increase in high schools and community colleges.

According to President Obama the nations economy in our country is loosing billions of dollars behind the dropout rate increases. March 2010 "This is a problem we can’t afford to accept or ignore,” President Obama said. “The stakes are too high – for our children, for our economy, for our country. It’s time for all of us to come together – parents and students, principals and teachers, business leaders and elected officials – to end America’s dropout crisis.

CLAUDIO SANCHEZ, BYLINE: Documented on December 17,2015, after covering President Obama's State of the Union speech. "But we have very high dropout rates, especially in community colleges where it's up to 60 percent at the very time that the president is proposing two years tuition-free community college."

PROJECT GOAL Provide the tools to effectively help each student market themselves with new attitudes and behavior toward education and career options.

PROJECT STRATEGIES Strategically mentor teachers and students, promote exciting teaching methods to accommodate a range of learning styles, take advantage of today’s abundance of technological resources, and meet the individual specific educational needs of each African American and Latino male youth.

Train teachers on how to strategically identify weakness, doubts, fears, handicaps, emotional educational scars, dysfunctional family traits and educational misunderstandings which influence students from contemplating dropping out of school.

Maintain genuine interest to develop ways for our African American and Latino males to stay focus, not become bored and develop a customized strategic educational and Blue Print (life road map) to follow and complete. Sustain a comprehensive effort from Teachers and parents to keep students in school. Provide genuine support, motivation and entertainment that are educational.

Questions to address. What corrective action a teacher or parent should takes if a student refuses to discuss schoolwork and suddenly doesn't want to tell anyone about what he or she are learning in school, or how their school day went?

If African-American and Latino male's youth students are provided with opportunity to document their life stories by contemplating dropping out of school through dramas, workshops, conferences and individual training will the student participate and to what degree?

Are student comfortable in revealing with their teachers, districts and or parents the subjects they are struggling with?

How are educators handling students who suddenly become distant or angry towards school and they do not like how things are going at school?

What percentage of Youth who do not understand the material being taught at all and complain about being bored. What are pattern showing that students are struggling?

What type of misbehaviors and attitudes are demonstrated in and out of school, which really indicate how it is the youth's way of trying to take attention off the fact they are struggling with their work?

Are students aware if they are struggling, there are alternative and options available to help them?

How many youth have problems sleeping or eating often result from worry or concerned about their future success? _

What choices African-American and Latino Males common make to deter their interest in attending school?


Establishing a partnership with well-known successful Entertainer, Performers, Sport Idols and Artist who are males of African Americans and Latino background, which come from low-income families.

Maintaining a strong infrastructure in each school and district and sustains an effective caring supportive staff and environment where youth can thrive and achieve.

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