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Why do ambitious young people drop out of college?

Posted by houseofgodspower on April 12, 2012 at 9:20 PM

It seems that the glamor of parties,casual dating, and living away from mom and dad is enough of an incentive to keep students in school. So, why do ambitious young people drop out of college?



With almost every degree comes at least a decade offinancial misery. Every kid is entitled to a quality college education, butsometimes finding the money to get that education isn’t easy. The average costof a private, non-profit college is about $35,000 a year. For many, the choice is either to sign their life away tostudent loans, or pack their bags and head home for cheaper pastures.


It’s tough finding out there’s more to college than keggersand sex. For many kids, high school was easy to blow off. Kids who could coastthrough high school sometimes hit college and are unprepared for the effortthey need to put in to succeed.

There is a big difference in the pre-algrebra they tooktheir freshman year of high school, and the calculus they are required to takein college. Once the academic withdrawals start rolling in, they start lookingfor a life that’s just a little less challenging.


Sometimes college is about making tough choices. Sadly, theworld doesn’t stop just because college starts. There are times when thepersonal life of a student will interfere with their ability to finish asemester. Whether it is a loved one falling ill, or a parent’s loss of a jobthat forces a kid into the work force, there are times when college has to beput on hold. The only hope is that life won't get in the way of collegeforever.


College can be a fun time for a kid. For some, it’s aboutexperimentation and self discovery. For others, sadly it’s about putting theirliver through the ringer. It’s hard to make the Dean’s List when they can’t wakeup for their noon class. Kids who party too hard don’t study enough, and thatkind of routine catches up with them quickly. A semester or two of living theAnimal House fantasy will get them kicked out of school.


It’s too bad college can’t figure out the rest of your lifefor you. Imagine going to your job everyday without direction, knowledge, oreven a sense of what’s next. That’s how many kids feel when they go to campusthe first time.

Sitting in a classroom gets old when they feel no reason tobe there. Some take the step to scale back their education and enroll incommunity college courses. Others give up the world of academia until theyfigure out what they want.


Who needs college when there are so many glamorous jobs outthere? Some students see college as a means to make themselves more attractiveto potential employers. Others see college as getting in the way of potentialemployment. Those students tend to leave college to join the work force. Some studentssay “yes” to a dream job. Others quit school and take a job that is more orless limiting to their financial future. There’s hope that it will lead tobigger and better things, but those instances are few and far between.


There are a number of students who go to school and workfull time. These students are usually older, and in a position where leavingtheir job isn’t an option. So, when the balance of job and school gets to betoo difficult, something has to give. At that point they have to turn in theirtextbooks and get back to work.


Heartache might seem like a weak excuse to cut youreducation short, but it’s real, and it hurts. Relationships are difficult tomaintain in college, and breakups can be one big soap opera. The constantpainful memories, and the dividing of mutual friends might be too much for aperson to take. That’s when students get packing.


College can often bring forlorn looks out of every kid.College is about the unknown. For many kids this is an exciting time. Forothers it’s just too much. There are a number of students who relish thecomforts of home. Everything from the taste of mom’s homemade chili, to thepizza place on the corner, symbolizes security to the homesick college kid.When those old familiar things start calling, it’s time for these students toget home.


College isn’t for everyone. Whether it is the cost, the lackof direction, or missing friends who stayed local, college can be a challengethat some aren’t ready for. College often doesn’t get easier with age, andthere will always be some reason to withdraw early. But for those willing tomove past these complicating factors, the rewards are worth it


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