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Billy Gaines & BLIND aka Irvin Aboit Gospel Artist

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Frances Cobian aka Pastor Fran invited to Blogtalkradio well know gospel singer Billy Gaines and BLIND aka Irvin who want to encourage up coming Artist the reality of becoming an artist with favor and set disciplines.

REMEMBER Motivation or talent in the world cannot hide the reality that not every artist is ready to make this next step. There are multiple factors in play that are necessary for every artist to put into perspective before making such a momentous decision. So before you ...

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Pooh and The Inspirations on

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Frances Cobian aka Pastor Fran had the honor of having as a Guest at Blogtalkradio with T Pooh Mcclary who is a worshiper Gospel singer. Pooh is working together with his group " Pooh and The Inspirations.  The House of God's Power we are lead to come in agreement with God's plans as the Holy Spirit guides us to promote and encourge all to give props to who deserve our support. Join in and tune i...

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Stigma or Service for H.I.V & A.I.D.S. survivors.

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Frances Cobian aka Pastor Fran presents "BEAUTY 4 ASHES" with CEO Daphne Powel Cooper who is a detailed advocate who proves strategic services, developed for the whole HIV advocacy activities in determining priorities, through her harmonize efforts and solutions to maximizing impact in accelerating the national response to HIV. .


Based on the situation analysis, Beauty 4 Ashes...

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Prayer Request for our Leader.

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The following proposed proposal "Leading Beyond Expectations" project profitably address the global needs in preventing students from dropping out of high school and saves our economy billions of dollars.

It is my hope that the  EVERY READER TO THIS WEB SITE WILL DONATE FUNDS AND will consider Leading Beyond Expectation project, in designing a custom Blue Print (Road map) to support the development of this new innovative project, which will address educational and social strugg...

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Child/Kidnapping/Parental Alienation

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Leading Beyond Expectations Inc, has joined Angels Over Aidan and House of God's Power Inc,. in partnership to empower, educate, prevent, intervention of Child Abduction/ Kidnapping and Parental Alienation.

Via Blogtalkradio at..... Call in number 516) 590-0968

ANGELS OVER AIDAN is an Internet radio shows concentrating on helping families who are victims of Child Abduction/Kidnapping and Systemic Abuse. Our talk show will co...

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Posted by houseofgodspower on October 8, 2012 at 5:35 PM Comments comments (0)

According to Scott Pelley, CBS Evening News, "Homeless kids tip-toe in a world of insecurity, hoping to be invisible."

Family homelessness in the United States is growing at alarming rates. There are over 1.35 million homeless school age children in our nation and Central Florida has not been excluded.  Since 2003, over 7,200 Seminole County homeless students have been identified

The impact of a mentorship for a L.B.E. student is immeasurable, and can touch the student'...

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Prescription Drug Addiction

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Florida is leading the state in prescription drug addiction and the epidemic behind the pain management clinics, or “pill mills.” Unprecedented increases in levels of abuse pose a serious threat to the health and safety of Florida citizens. The Florida Medical Examiners report that five people die in Florida daily as a direct result of prescription drug overdoses.



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LEADING BEYOND EXPECTATION OUTREACH WORKSHOPS ON "Florida Marchman Act" One of the most difficult tasks for families affected by substance abuse is convincing the addict that drug rehab is needed. Interventions are one option that can lead the addict to voluntarily seek help, but sometimes the addict simply won’t budge. In such instances, it may be time to consider forcing the addict into substance abuse rehab. More than a dozen states have laws dealing with involuntary commitmen...

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Why do ambitious young people drop out of college?

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It seems that the glamor of parties,casual dating, and living away from mom and dad is enough of an incentive to keep students in school. So, why do ambitious young people drop out of college?



With almost every degree comes at least a decade of...

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